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If you were defrauded at a timeshare or vacation package presentation in Mexico,              
you can fight back and get a full refund.

MESCAM News Flashes

We have received many requests for help from American, Canadian and other tourists who were victimized at timeshare and vacation package sales presentations while on vacation in Mexico.  Some of the biggest offers are: Mayan Palace (Grupo Mayan), The Great Vacation Club (formerly Discover the Dream), Sunset Group Resorts, Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, Pueblo Bonita Monte Cristo, Hacienda Encantada, Krystal International, El Cid Vacation Club, and Playa Grande.  Visit our Common Complaints webpage to see some of the typical complaints that other tourists have.

April 12, 2012.  MESCAM Success Story. 
I just wanted to write to say that I cannot thank you enough. My sister and I went to Cabo in February 2013, and I was naive to the whole timeshare scam situation down there. I was scammed to the tune of $5000 by Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach into buying their Passport package,
(read the full details)

Preventive Medicine

Oct. 2012 -  Finally for the first time we have received notification from a reader that he has read our website before vacationing in Mexico and he will not become a victim of Mexican Timeshare Fraud.
(read the full details)

Mexican Government adds new Timeshare laws
March 17, 2010. -  The Mexican Government issued the Mexican Official Standard NOM-029-SCFI-2010 which establishes new business practice standards for timeshares.
(read the full details)

American tourist beats credit card company. 
April 2010 - Finally one of the many people who has emailed us for help has taken a stand against the credit card companies who make a profit from you getting screwed by these Mexican Timeshare resorts.  Mr. L filed a small claims lawsuit against BankAmericard based on the fact that he cancelled his contract within the 5 days allowed by Mexican law, and the resort's continued effort to charge his account amounted to fraud.  Since BAC did nothing to stop the fraud, Mr. L's argument was that BAC was in breach of their credit card contract.
(read the full details)

New Timeshare Scam
The timeshare companies have come up with a new scam to prevent you from exercising your legal rights to cancel within 5 days.  This scam is mostly reported in use at the Sunset Group Resorts.  The scam revolves around lying to you that your contract is cancelled when it IS NOT, and delaying until you are outside of the 5 day period and can not cancel. 
(read the full details)

Mayan Palace attempts to shutdown MESCAM Website
Mayan Palace has hired Lynn T. Galuppo of the law firm Cox, Castle & Nicholson in an attempt to shutdown the MESCAM website because of our efforts to help US tourists and warn them of the unscrupulous practices of Mexican timeshare resorts.
(read the full details)

Victims fight back against Mayan Palace and win substantial refund.
June, 2006.  ---  U.S. and Canadian citizens banded together and used the power of the internet to force Mayan Palace to the bargaining table and won refunds against contracts that were 6,12, and more months old.  This represents the first time that victims of Mayan Palace's aggressive timeshare sales presentation have teamed up as an organized group and won.
(read the full details)


WARNING:  Some resorts are now including cancellation clauses within their contracts that read similar to Article 56 of the Mexican Consumer Protection Laws.  The big difference is that these contract clauses state that all monies will be retained by the resort as liquidated damages.  DO NOT BE FOOLED TWICE.  If you are canceling your contract within the 5 business days allowed under Mexican Law and the new Mexican standards for timeshares (NOM-029-SCFI-2010), then you need to state in your cancellation letter that you are doing so in accordance with Article 56 of the Mexican Consumer Protection Laws and NON-029-SCFI-2010 which allows for you to receive all your funds back, NOT these fake clauses written into your timeshare contact which allows the resort to retain all your money.  Come on guys, you need to stop being a victim.

------- IMPORTANT NOTICE --------

Visit Our "Refunds" webpage to learn how to cancel a contract or find information about getting a refund.

Quick Answers

  1. You will not be able to rent your new timeshare for the price quoted you by the salesperson.  Most Mexican timeshares are renting for little more than the price of the resort's annual maintenance fee. 
  2. Any "agency" which claims it can rent your timeshare, but wants an up-front fee; is just another scam and usually in league with the resort's sales staff.
  3. You have the legal right to cancel your timeshare contract within 5 business days.  (see Five Day Rescinding)
  4. No matter what you have signed, YOU CAN NOT give up your right to cancel within 5 business days. (see Your Legal Rights)
  5. If you are outside of the first 5 business days, even a year from signing, you still have options. (see Advanced Cancellations).
  6. The best way to cancel your timeshare contract is by email where you can easily document your cancellation and put government officials on distribution of your email as proof of cancellation.
  7. Timeshare resorts will threaten to damage your credit rating or turn you over to a collection agency, but this can be countered. (see Countering Resort Tactics).

Past Success

To date we have helped over 150 people in their fights against Mexican timeshare and vacation package companies.  We started this effort in Aug 2003 with a group of 38 tourists (including ourself) against Mayan Escape's Discover the Dream where everyone received refunds for a total of $140,000.  In May 2004 we helped a second group of over 75 people receive refunds totaling over $200,000.  A recent tally indicates that people we have helped have received over $4 million in refunds.  The actual refund count is probably higher since many people use this website as a self-help resource to get their own refund without needing to contact us. (Great going you guys!) 

I have been accused by Mayan Palace employees of having a vendetta against Mayan Palace.  Duh?  I wonder what their first clue was?  I started this effort because I was initially scammed at a Mayan Palace presentation by their Discover the Dream package, but what really fired me up was insulting remarks made by their sales people Trevor Barr and Brian Symington.  If you are a Mexican Timeshare employee and you are upset that I help people from being cheated by you, talk to Trevor and Brian.

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